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For those in my family not on Facebook, posted here so you can view. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years…

If you are like me then there have been times you’ve needed to open a bottle of wine but alas no one remembered to bring a bottle opener. Well never fear, here is the solution to your problem, all you need is a shoe and a wall.

How to open a bottle of wine?

Best Wedding Entrance Ever

I want to get remarried (of course back to Shannon) again just so we can do something like this. Love the creativity and spirit, I suspect this couple is going to do just fine with that type of fun-loving attitude!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

This summer Shannon and I went on a 12 day vacation that took us to Puerto Rico for 5 days then a 7 day Caribbean Cruise that ported out of San Juan. The cruise hit a new island each day, there were no days at sea so it allowed us to see at least a glimpse of many different islands. We hit St Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, and St Kitts. They all were great but we definitely want to make it back to Dominica, St Kitts, and St Lucia to spend more time. We also enjoyed ourselves on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, taking in sites from both coasts and the rain forests inland.

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First Glenn Beck at a tea party:
Then Janeane Garofalo “analyzing” the tea parties:

Janeane Garofalo calls teabaggers “racist rednecks”

The difference is pretty amazing. Who is talking down to us and who is talking at us?

Very impressed by this list of the Top 10 Universities on IEEE’s patent scorecard. We are definitely in good company and even over some very strong players. I love my school…

1. MIT
2. Cal Tech
3. Cal
4. Harvard
5. Rice
6. Texas
7. UCF
8. Ga Tech
9. Stanford
10. Wisconsin

Remembering Grandpa

I’m sad to report that my wonderful grandfather passed away on Jan 4th. He was just an incredible man, the type that doesn’t come around too often in this world. When I was young I spent a ton of time with him and my grandma. In the summers I practically lived at their house in Sanford when my aunt Pat and her 5 kids were down for weeks at a time. Then later my grandpa, grandma, and I would drive up to spend a month+ of our summers in Indiana. I learned a lot from him, especially on those road trips…but what I take from him the most is his commitment to family. I think he was at his happiest when the entire family would get together and he had grandma at his side. We have so many great memories to cherish.

Sadly he was my last grandparent left, luckily though I have incredible parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, friends, and my wonderful wife to help fill the void. I made a photo montage for him that we played the the memorial that I figured I’d share with my blog readers although most of you probably have already seen it. This actually is an “alternate” ending from what was shown at the memorial as I made the ending how I originally wanted it now that I had a little extra time.

Remembering Grandpa from Jason Jacobs on Vimeo.

Let me tell you about this great blog I found recently called Sanford365. This is a must read blog for anyone interested in restaurants and events in the Sanford area. Although really the scope of this blog goes beyond Sanford as the blogger has covered anything from the Wine Bar in Winter Park, to bowling alleys in Casselberry, to clubs in downtown Orlando. If you are interested in finding new places in the area I recommend you subscribe to it and start exploring!

I found out about Wednesday Trivia Night at the Black Swan in downtown Sanford from the blog, so this past week we headed there with some friends and had a great time. She also just had a hugely informative post on Affordable Central Florida Holiday Events detailing events around time that won’t break your budget.

Check it out!

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